NEM and Luxtag present at NASA Space Apps Hackathon in Kuala Lumpur

The Nasa Space App Challenge Event was located at the Petronas Tower in KLCC

NEM and LuxTag attended the event with a dedicated booth

We made lots of connections and convinced new parties consisting of developers and businesses to look into Blockchain, especially NEM and develop products like the showcased application LuxTag powered by NEM.

Also, we made people aware of the features the NEM platform offers, e.g. Apostille, Namespaces, Mosaics and Multisig.

The target audience consisted of 400-500 youngsters & 20 mentors, including industry leaders from Southeast Asia, who were participating at the NASA Space Apps Hackathon. Rene, CEO of LuxTag was invited as one of the mentors, and gave a 20min talk about Blockchain Technology, NEM and LuxTag, too.

20 min dedicated talk session for NEM & LuxTag

Rene’s talk was titled “Blockchain Technology. What? How? Why?” It touched on ideas for startups, the need for innovative approaches, ways to develop own solutions and why Blockchain technology should not be neglected when creating modern technology-related solutions.

Further Q&A and discussions concerned the benefits which Blockchains offer and how startups can leverage on it.

Without doubt, the most important topic was the introduction of the NEM’s ease of use and a presentation of LuxTag as a sample project created only recently – powered by NEM Blockchain technology.

NEM and LuxTag are grateful for the opportunity to raise awareness throughout this event. We spent a truly meaningful weekend.

Thanks go to the supporters of NEM and LuxTag at this event:

Faeez, Stephen, Yafi, Nabil, Adam, Julian, Ira, Rene

About NASA Space Apps Hackathon

Space Apps is an international hackathon that occurs over 48 hours in cities around the world. Because of citizens like you, we continue to grow each year. If you haven’t already, join us to share ideas and engage with open data to address real-world problems, on Earth and in space. Work alone or with a team to solve challenges that could help change the world. Check back here to find a Space Apps event near you, or sign up to participate virtually.

Website: 2017 Space Apps Challenge

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