For now, we are used to loyalty points being redeemed in the stores where we got them from, but with LoyalCoin, we will be able to use these across other merchants and businesses. It will be beneficial to both consumers and merchants, which will definitely create and promote great relationships in the business. For merchants, it will allow them to provide options for more customer engagement and loyalty. On the other side, consumers will benefit more for each point that they get and be able to use it to achieve more advantages to what they have.

By enhancing loyalty points into LoyalCoin using NEM Blockchain, the brand experience that both merchants and customers will get will provide greater connection and will yield not just into amazing rewards, but also to a more successful business where possibilities will be endless. The diversity of utilization for the once-dormant loyalty points will be boundless. It’s certainly interesting now, and it’ll surely be advantageous to all and that’s something that we should all keep an eye out for!

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