IoDLT September Community Update

Hello NEM Community, presenting the IoDLT September Update!

Bader Youssef here, CTO of IoDLT. I’d like to update you on IoDLT’s progress for the last month or so. It is very important to us to keep the community informed of our new developments, and to show the usage of Catapult in an actual, real world business.

To keep it concise, we have compiled bullet point updates and photos that highlight what we’ve done since our investment from NEM Ventures:

  • We are currently developing three different variations of our product, which are each coming along nicely. Each these will help us with any consulting work as well as our own products, such as our medical solutions:
    • Small-form, general purpose board-to-blockchain development that utilizes a micro controller and Raspberry Pi Zero. This board will be able to plug-and-play with many different sensors, enabling rapid prototyping and product development (compatible with the Arduino IDE). These devices will be able to both react to data, as well as send their own data to Catapult.
    • RFID / NFC identification for IoT devices, allowing us to uniquely identify and track the provenance of each IoT device. The example shown is an NTAG215 on a plastic box, which is scannable via an app. As you can imagine, this opens up possibilities as far as providing more business verticals that can utilize this technology.
    • Testing IoT nodes with new Raspberry Pi 4 – with the last iteration, we were able to a respectable TPS on private chain settings (state hashing enabled). So far, we have a tri-node setup that has been working quite reliably for the past week. At the time of this writing, we just hit 15k blocks and 12.6k transactions with little-to-no performance drops. We’re using the newly-released Elephant 3 release, which has been running extremely stable! It’s quite cheap to run as well :wink:
  • IoDLT is now a published Knowledge Partner on IoT For All, and we are able to publish any content related to blockchain and IoT. Our write-up on anti-skimming in gas stations was posted there recently. Of course, this allows us to bring Catapult to a more mainstream audience.
  • We were contacted by a state government agency regarding our gas station skimmer write-up from IoT for All. They had wanted more details on how the technology works and an estimate on cost to deploy our technology.
  • We are currently working on quoting a Catapult blockchain solution for a smart energy metering company.
  • A business in South America contacted us regarding implementing a solution for ATMs in South America (similar to our gas pump article). We plan to release an ATM anti-skimmer article soon as a follow-up to our gas station one. It will be quite an involved solution and we will be excited to release it!
  • Completed a video interview with Alexis from NEM Español.
  • We are also contributing to opensource Catapult where we can (catbuffers, input on various issues such as migration) where we can. We will continue to do so, and we may opensource some of our node tooling (GUI, CLI) for the benefit of the community.

We are in full development mode, and very dedicated to getting a working product that utilizes Catapult out in the real world. We are very grateful for having NEM as a platform to build our business on, and promote it wherever and whenever we can! Feel free to message me any time on Telegram @crackthec0de if you have any questions or just want to chat. You may also email us at

Thank you for your time, and keep building!

Bader Youssef, CTO of IoDLT

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