Creating an NEM NanoWallet — DarcMatter Tips

As the DarcMatter Community continues to grow, we wanted to be sure everyone had the directions to creating a NanoWallet to store NEM/XEM, as it is a slightly different process that some are unaware of. We’re here to help!

To be clear, we are going to highlight the important steps in this process to create a NanoWallet, but the BEST guide that we have seen thus far, has come from NEM Official. Detailed steps from their “NanoWallet Guide” can be found here:

We are going to cover the basics and feel free to leave comments below and we’ll do our best to help out!

Okay, let’s get started:

Creating a NanoWallet for NEM based tokens consists of about 4–5 key steps:

  1. Download + Installation of the NanoWallet
  2. Creating a NanoWallet
  3. Back Up + Log In to NanoWallet
  4. Sending/Receiving XEM
  5. Additional Features/Services from NanoWallet

1. Download + Installation of the NanoWallet

To get started, the NanoWallet file needs to be downloaded to your desktop. (You can access mobile app once you have this done as well)

  • Download the NanoWallet from
  • Extract the zip file and double-click “NanoWallet.exe”
  • Be sure to have all antivirus scan up to date and set strong passwords!
  • DO NOT USE Microsoft Edge. Use Google Chrome or Firefox

2. Creating a NanoWallet

We’ll focus on the Simple Wallet, though you can create a Brain Wallet or Private Key Wallet if interested. Details for those wallets can be found here:

Simple Wallet:

  • Creating a Simple Wallet = NanoWallet will create a yourwallet.wlt file which contains your private key.
  • The file is encrypted with your password. If you want to import the wallet to another computer, you need the .wlt file AND the password.

3. Back Up + Log In to NanoWallet

Once the file is downloaded and you have created your NanoWallet credentials, it’s time to log in and back up your information.

  • Open the NanoWallet file to bring up the Log-In Page
  • Select your wallet and enter in password to log in
  • Once logged in, your browser will download a backup of your wallet and you are taken to the dashboard which keeps track of the exchange rate and basic information
  • When you open “Account” you will see your NEM Address for receiving funds

For more information on how to backup NanoWallet details, visit

4. Sending/Receiving XEM

Here’s the really easy and simple part! The Send/Receive Tab

  • Send & Receive tab allows you to create transactions and invoices. (Including encrypted messages and/or mosaics)
  • You can see a demo of how this works here:

5. Additional Features/Services from NanoWallet

For ALL the different services and features that are a part of your NanoWallet, visit the NEM Nano Wallet Tutorial and review specific details. This includes information on Namespaces & Subdomains, Multi-signature wallets, Mosaics, and delegated harvesting, to name a few. Learn more about the services here:

Here is a short tutorial video created by one of our DarcMatter community members on how to set up a NEM Nano Wallet. Thanks, Alvin!

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