VERSES teams with COMSA to Enable vCommerce and Usher in a New Virtual Economy


TOKYO/LOS ANGELES – November 2, 2017 – Tech Bureau, Corp., a Crypto-Fintech Lab out of Japan, announced today that VERSES, a virtual economy protocol designed to enable Virtual Reality Commerce (vCommerce) will be the first token sale on its COMSA ICO platform in 2018. COMSA provides a complete blockchain and token economy platform that delivers a managed service for utility token economy design, running Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), token exchange listings regulated by Japan’s FSA and interoperable enablement of NEM and Ethereum public networks and private enterprise blockchain solution mijin, built by Tech Bureau based on the NEM protocol.


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VERSES is a virtual economy protocol and immersive design framework for secure authentication and monetization of any virtual element. Examples are assets, objects, avatars, environments from within augmented, mixed and virtual reality experiences utilizing blockchain technology. The VERSES protocol will include support for standard gaming, mobile AR, and VR development and distribution platforms. This makes it especially useful for the millions of game and app developers transitioning to immersive entertainment, e-sport, education and commercial applications. VERSES demonstrated the world’s first public cryptocurrency transaction in virtual reality, a simulated recreation of the Wright Brother’s famous “kitty hawk” flight, live at BlockCon LA in early October.

“VERSES is a truly disruptive application of blockchain technology that will usher in the era of vCommerce for Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences. eCommerce rose from simple transactions to a multi-trillion dollar online marketplace within 20 years. We think that VERSES, utilizing the power of COMSA, will be well positioned to be the go-to protocol to power the new virtual economy,” said Takao Asayama, CEO of Tech Bureau, Corp.

The VERSES token sale will take place in early 2018. A percentage of the token sale will be allocated to fund extraordinary AR and VR projects by the developer community in order to incentivize the adoption of the protocol. A percentage will also be allocated to commercialize breakthrough AR/VR technologies from the academic and research communities to accelerate the quality and ease by which designers create virtual experiences.

VERSES will empower developers and users from all over the world to play, learn, work, explore and design this new virtual economy together.

“COMSA represents a unique advancement in blockchain technology by virtue of its ‘hybrid’ solution utilizing it’s COMSA Core and Hub. This connects permissioned blockchains powered by Mijin with public blockchains and global exchanges. This next generation blockchain architecture enables VERSES to deliver on the promise of secure and scalable peer-to-peer transactions by and between individuals and organizations from within Virtual & Augmented Reality,” commented Gabriel Rene, Co-Founder of VERSES.


VERSES, the virtual economy protocol is powering the rise of vCommerce by enabling secure transactions of virtual elements within augmented, mixed and virtual reality experiences. VERSES is an integrated blockchain-based virtual commerce (vCommerce) enablement platform, built on highly scalable, secure and robust blockchain and smart contract technologies that manage the interaction policies by and between virtual entities, elements, fiat and crypto currencies and transactions within virtual immersive experiences.

VERSES mission is to empower designers, developers, organizations and users to create, monetize and experience the most dynamic, interactive and meaningful immersive experiences imaginable.

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About Tech Bureau, Corp.

Tech Bureau is a FinTech and cryptocurrency company that develops software and services based on blockchain technology. Tech Bureau has developed mijin, a private blockchain software, and Zaif, a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange platform. Tech Bureau currently offers consultation and contract-based software development for introducing blockchain technology.

Powered by its in-house blockchain platform based on the NEM protocol, COMSA is a complete solution for enterprises to adopt blockchain technology and token economy enablement.

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