Soon, You Can Buy NEM (XEM) with PHP

XEM PHP ExchangeIn a post, NEM Philippines head revealed plans to establish an XEM – PHP exchange in the country soon.

NEM Philippines Head Emerson Fonseca revealed on Facebook that soon, we will be able to buy XEM (NEM’s currency) with our fiat money (Pesos).

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Via a Facebook post, Mr. Fonseca mentioned:

So we will be having a XEMPHP exchange probably by 2 weeks. You can now buy XEMs with your PHP and no more hassle in buying XEMs and LoyalCoin since BTC is very expensive especially its network fee and the hassle. And from there, you can make use of your XEMs to buy LoyalCoins.


According to Mr. Fonseca, they were approached by two local BTC exchanges. He had a meeting with one of them and the result was this upcoming exchange platform.

Mr. Fonseca highlighted the advantages of NEM over other cryptocurrencies. Among them are faster transactions, more transactions in each block, direct transfer to NEM wallet and the team’s solid projects this 2018.

Loyal Coin

It should be noted that NEM is the blockchain where Appsolutely’s Loyal Platform is built. Thus, once the XEM – PHP exchange becomes a reality, we can buy Loyal Coins directly without the hassle of transferring our BTCs. If the Exchange is live in 2 weeks, then there’s still enough time to purchase Loyal Coins, whose ICO ends on February 10, 2018.

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