NEM at the World Blockchain Summit in Dubai

world blockchain summit

Photo by Steven Li

Dubai, United Arab Emirates — NEM Foundation was a gold sponsor of the World Blockchain summit held at The Address Dubai Mall last October 24–25. Seven members of the foundation flew in to attend the event led by Nem Foundation President Lon Wong.

Other members who flew in were Council Member and Regional Head for South East Asia Stephen Chia, Council Member and Regional Head for Europe Kristof Van de Reck, Council Member Nelson Valero, Global Director for Partnership and Strategic Alliance Jason Lee, NEM China Leader Steve Li, and NEM Technical Trainor Shin Tatt Wong.

World Blockchain Summit

It was a “getting to know each other” morning for the NEM Council team on day one who met their UAE counterpart for the first time. The day was filled with networking with other people from the blockchain community.

One of the most notable speeches during day one was delivered by the CEO of Smart Dubai Office, Wesam blockchain summit

In his speech, he talked about the project Blockchain 2020 by Dubai government and their goal to be the first city powered by blockchain technology. He also stressed out that the people of Dubai believe in leading for the development of their city and not waiting in the sidelines and he also mentioned; “In Dubai, we believe and we execute.” This brings Dubai as a front runner in the adaptation of the blockchain technology.

Other presenters during day 1 showcased the different use cases of the blockchain technology in various industries such as banking, healthcare, IT, and others.

The NEM team were also approached by some business developers, company representatives and other people who became interested with the huge potential of the NEM blockchain.

Day 1 ended with a dinner cruise which was attended by the Senior officials of the NEM foundation while the younger generation had a little sight-seeing night.

A member of the European Parliament Antanas Guoga, more commonly known as the previous Poker Champion Tony G. also dropped by and met with the NEM team present during the second day of the summit. Tony G. has been instrumental in taking cryptocurrency into regulated banking through Bankera.

NEM Foundation President Lon Wong was scheduled to deliver his speech in the morning session of the second day. He discussed that it was the economic collapse of 2008 that triggered the birth of blockchain technology creating a new model of trust in the business standpoint.

Included in his topic, he gave sample use cases of the blockchain tech (particularly the NEM blockchain) such as the Mosaic, Namespace, Apostille and Multisig to name a few.

After Lon Wong’s speech some companies approached the NEM team for a private meeting to discuss a potential future partnership. It is a bright looking future for the NEM Foundation in the Middle-East region as they start to establish their presence in the United Arab Emirates.

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