NEM Ukraine 2018 Summary

The Chinese word stands for “crisis” composed of two Chinese characters respectively signifying “danger” and “opportunity”.

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The past year was not the most successful for the blockchain and crypto industry, but in spite of this, the NEM Ukraine team managed to cope with the tasks. The founding date of NEM Ukraine can be considered February 25th, when the first meeting was held in the NEM101 format — here started our goals to spread the information about blockchain as a technology and the main advantages and NEM features among as many interested people as possible, ranging from people who first learned about the blockchain to experienced developers and government agencies. Another goal is supporting projects and finding new niches and industries for implementing blockchain solutions along with creating infrastructure for NEM development.

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To make it happen, we conducted more than 50 activities in various formats, took part in various conferences and meetings, we networked, talked, negotiated, we were creative and implemented several social projects with you — we are especially proud of this.

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National record of Ukraine in the number of payments in cryptocurrencies (more than 90% of these was in XEM).
This record was the first in the history of Ukraine and proved the applicability of cryptocurrency as a means of payment. A good continuation to this record became a joint project with Paytomat on payments in the Bessarabian market, where even vegetables could be bought for a crypto.

International charity run “Under the chestnuts”
The Ukrainian NEM community became the first team from the blockchain industry in Ukraine who took part in such type of this race. Together with the rest of 15,000 people, we make a charitable contribution to the purchase of medical equipment for the children’s cardio center.

Cryptoheroes project
At the end of the year, the “Cryptoheroes” project was implemented with the help of nembers from all over the World. Together with you, we collected 36,000 XEM and realized the New Year dreams of the little residents of the Center for Children Affected by Cancer “Dacha”, also part of the money was transferred to the fund for the construction of the new center. The project showed the abilities and perspectives for the use of blockchain technology in the charity industry to increase transparency and confidence in contributions.

We are waiting for the next year with optimism, interest and motivation, as our plans are even more ambitious. In the New Year, we will continue to acquaint businesses, startups, projects, government agencies and developers with NEM technology and develop the ecosystem, but will focus our efforts on converting existing developments into prototypes and constantly working projects on the public blockchain.

There is still a lot of interesting ahead! Stay turned!
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Yours faithfully,
NEM Ukraine team

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