NEM Takes Root In Indianapolis

On the morning of Saturday November 18th 2017 the NEM Foundation, represented by the newly established NEM Indiana Grand Chapter had it’s NEM Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Inaugural Symposium. The event was held in downtown Indianapolis at the beautiful Special Collections Room of the Indianapolis Central Library. The symposium was focused on educating the attendees on the basics of blockchain & cryptocurrency technology.

After a basic understanding of blockchains and cryptocurrency was achieved, the focus turned to the NEM Blockchain technologies specifically, including the Mijin Private Blockchain, which is built on top of NEM.


The NEM Indiana Grand Chapter is the “NEM Hub” for the Midwest, having planned chapters in major cities throughout IN, IL, OH, MI and KY.

With over 20 Indianapolis attendees for this inaugural event, many industries were represented, leading to a wide variety of questions that kept the conversation lively & informative for all. A few of those represented industries were the Sales, Finance, Real Estate, Investment, Nutritional & Technology industries just to name a few.

One gentleman representing a company in the Life Enhancement industry, which NEM Indiana reps were previously in talks with about utilizing the NEM blockchain for a future project, was briefly given the podium to share a few words about their company & why they like NEM. The symposium wrapped up with a dedicated Q & A session that lasted into the early afternoon. After which, all the attendees departed with a much deeper and clearer understanding of this new blockchain technology that is causing the next major shift forward in our world.


The NEM Indiana Grand Chapter plans to eventually host quarterly events, monthly meetings and an annual grand regional event in 2018 and beyond as the chapters grow in number throughout the five state region. The NEM Indiana team is currently preparing to launch a new Fort Wayne chapter in northern Indiana.

Companies, Organization, and Individuals that are within the NEM Indiana Grand Chapter area can contact the NEM Indiana team on or email to learn more about the NEM Blockchain technology platform or schedule a private speaking event.

“Every city leader wants their
city to be a startup hub…
Although it’s not universally
recognized, Indianapolis has
already achieved this — and
in a big way.”


About Blockchain & NEM

Blockchain technology offers a fundamentally streamlined method of maintaining a secureledger of transactions compared to atraditional database NEM’s blockchain platform was designed and coded from the ground up for scale and speed. NEM’s permissioned private blockchain delivers industry-leading transaction rates for

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