First NEM Meetup in Europe

Europe, NEM conquers new Terrain

With NEM’s rise in popularity, the demand for local meetups in Europe has grown steadily. We are happy to announce that on June 3, 2017, the first NEM meetup was held in Vienna, Austria. This meetup marks an important milestone in NEM’s efforts to establish a community in Europe. More meetups and workshops are already being planned for major European cities.

For the meetup in Vienna, attendants were given a 30-minute introductory presentation about the NEM platform and its competitive advantages as a business platform to build on. The presentation was then followed up with a hands-on lesson on using the NanoWallet and its integrated services without the need to download the blockchain. Lastly, an open discussion with community members concluded the first meetup.

Sign up today for our meetup groups in Vienna and Berlin to attend at our next meetup.


Presenting features of NEM


Nanowallet & NEMbex


We would also like to thank RIAT for hosting us.

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