March 2019 Roadmap for NEM Labs

Pending approval from the core team for funding, this is our roadmap for March 2019.


  1. Legal Setup
  2. Find suitable candidate for interim CTO
  3. Interview new tech hires


  1. Harden Cow update in REST layer (reducing technical debt)
  2. Implement missing changes in the TS/JS SDK for Cow:
  • Account properties
  • Receipts
  • Audit merkle proof
  • Fees
  • Harvesting

3. Merge nem2-library-js into nem2-sdk-typescript-javascript

4. Start reworking C# SDK

5. PMC collaboration on web base wallet and explorer for testing

6. Finish updating all documentation for Cow (including SDK, CLI guides)

7. Contribute to PMC testing scenarios

8. Update open source workshops to make use of new features

Catapult Framework

  1. Create first full fledged example that spans:
  • Problem statement
  • Solution description
  • Simple node-red demo
  • Standard practices being used
  • Features being used


  1. Plan NEMsp Academy Portal
  2. Update training materials for Cow
  3. Contact and initiate global rollout with systems integrators that have existing NEM experience such as He3Labs, ASTA, Opening Line and RapidQube.

This article supplements the release of the COW update.

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