Changes to Foundation Leadership Update

Leadership Update

Dear NEM Community,

We wanted to share today that Lon Wong and Jeff McDonald will be moving from their positions on the Foundation and shifting to advisory roles. Kristof Van de Reck has been elected as the interim President of the Foundation.

With the early phase of the Catapult private beta release safely underway, Lon and Jeff plan to now focus on NEM’s business partners. These startups and consultants are needed to implement NEM applications worldwide. The NEM ecosystem is thriving and by moving to advisory roles, Lon and Jeff can dedicate more time to developing strong system integrators — a critically underserved piece of NEM’s ecosystem.

On behalf of the Foundation, we want to share our gratitude for the invaluable contributions of Lon and Jeff. Thanks to their leadership, the Foundation has built an amazing list of accomplishments and has a bright future ahead.

Our key developers, business partners, and management team are 100% committed to NEM’s success. NEM is leading the industry in terms of proven blockchain business use cases and there’s a lot of good news coming.

Please extend a warm thank you to Lon and Jeff, and congratulations to Kristof! We plan to release more updates and a statement from Kristof in the coming days.

You can read Lon Wong’s full letter here:


You can read Jeff McDonald’s full letter here:


Thank you,

Takao Asayama
Albert Castellana
Ken Chan
Stephen Chia
Shiteng Li
Niko Mäenpää
Nelson Valero
Kristof Van de Reck

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