NEM Foundation co-sponsoring Blockchain Event in Mumbai

The NEM Foundation co-sponsored a “Blockchain and Technology – Revolutionizing Crypto Currencies” in Mumbai, India on August 10th.

NEM Foundation

NEM Foundation Vice President Jeff McDonald along with NEM India representative Jatin Chaurasia from Sumeru Solutions participated in the conference.

The conference was attended by many business leaders and blockchain developers looking to expand their understanding of blockchain and its capabilities.

NEM Foundation

Jeff McDonald states, “We are happy to see NEM gaining real awareness and traction in India for the first time.  So many people were surprised to hear about us and all the great things NEM can do.”

And Jatin Chaurisia explains, “It was really great to see everyone learning about NEM.  I’m sure NEM in India is going to be very successful, and we already made a lot of plans to for this happen.”

An additional video of Jeff McDonald speaking over the history of blockchain and why NEM is the best smart blockchain can be seen at:

NEM Foundation

Projects discussed and mentioned include the following:
NEM Today:
NEM Voting Center:

Special thanks to “NEM with Tony” for video editing. Please check out his channel

To Chris DeRose for his interview with Vlad Zamfir. More Bitcoin Uncensored videos can be found here.

To Black Arrow Conferences for hosting the Mumbai event.

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