NEM Europe at IOT world congress Barcelona

Last week Nem Europe was invited at the IOT World Congress In Barcelona, Spain. Paul Rieger presented, both IoT compatibility with the NEM Blockchain, and a real-world financial use case as an example to show people the kinds of things that are possible to “do good” in the community — right now — on the NEM Blockchain.

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Paul Rieger presenting NEM

The presentation included an example where “vouchers” can be used as payment rather than cash for social benefit payments. This is to stop payments designated to help children being used to buy a “new TV” or alike, rather than pay for the child’s swimming lessons. He also gave brief details on the NEM Service Partner program which is still in trial.

world congress

Samy M from NEM Foundation & NEM Service Partner Unibright at the NEM booth.

Gary Piercy heads up the NEM Service Partner network, (doesn’t like his picture taken), and he had this to say:

“It was an absolute pleasure to have Nils & Andrei from Unibright join forces with us at our stand for the duration of the event. It was the first time we’ve had a Service Partner alongside us in this format, as the network is still in trial and being tweaked all the time. It was fantastic meeting people who are building projects, then to have the ability to introduce them directly to Unibright on the spot because they are able to develop and deploy a project. I look forward to more collaborations of this kind — including the team building dinner and beers — in the future!” Paul Rieger said, “Ditto.”

It was a valuable event for NEM Europe, with lots of good things very likely to come out of it including both projects and meaningful partnerships.

Thank you, Barcelona for having us!

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