NEM cooperates with Kiyv Mohyla Academy on NEM Blockchain Course

NEM Ukraine country leader Anton Bosenko introduced NEM Foundation to the National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy which is a leading research and tech university located in Ukraine to provide a NEM Blockchain Development course and onboard students to creating Blockchain applications.

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This partnership includes the sharing of educational material which is a close cooperation on the creation of the “NEM Blockchain course”, and should result in student projects (PoCs) that utilize NEM 2.0 Catapult.

NEM Foundation is engaging more and more with interested education providers like Technical Universities, Blockchain Associations and Online Developer Platforms to make Blockchain as accessible as possible to companies, students and individual developers. NEM courses are especially easy to implement since the Center of Excellence has developed extensive educational material and documentation in the last year or so, and open sourced a curricular framework recently which guides interested education providers to create NEM educational material.

The curricular framework consists of different modules and covers Blockchain Basics, NEM Basics, and NEM 2.0 Catapult technology. It can be adapted and tailored to various courses and target groups ranging from executive management and business analysts to Developers and Solutions Architects. Learning objectives, proposed outlines and other resources are provided to create the courses.
Since the NEM Blockchain is especially easy to use through APIs and its built-in features, developers do not need to learn a new programming language or write complex new smart contracts. This makes NEM Blockchain a great fit for all developers, university courses and rapid prototyping for companies.
Are you also an education provider and are you interested in teaching a Blockchain course?
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Are you a developer that wants to start creating your first Blockchain Application? This workshop which applies to supply chain might be a good start for you!

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