NEM Blockchain introduction by NEM Foundation


We are happy to welcome you to the first NEM-Vienna-Meetup in 2018.

This group is open to anyone who is interested in the NEM-Blockchain-Platform or the XEM cryptocurrency. Do not hesitate to join us to get to know more about NEM and its surrounding community. For further information on NEM, feel free to visit our website at: This Meetup’s main focus lies providing an Introduction to the NEM Blockchain. Further Meetups will follow and go more into the depth; kicking off with a NEM Workshop in April, so be on a look-out for that by joining the NEM Vienna Meetup group.
Since some of you will probably join us right after work and we don’t want anyone to go hungry, or god forbid, to starve, sandwiches and drinks will be served.
Therefore, please RSVP so that we can make sure to provide the right amount of food and that nothing goes to waste. The Agenda for the evening will be divided into 2 Parts: We will start off with a complete Overview of the NEM Blockchain, and after a short break, we’ll continue with a Briefing on the Current Developments and Opportunities.

NEM 101 Introduction by István Deák:
(approx. 35 min)

• History & Basics
• NEM’s Main-Features & Capabilities
• Fees & Total Cost of Ownership
• Where to buy XEM
• Q&A

NEM Newsflash by Paul Rieger:
(20 minutes)

• Catapult Capabilities
• Europe Expansion
• Global Expansion

The event will be closing with a Roundup and the opportunity for some Networking as well as a brief preview of what to expect in the upcoming NEM Workshop in April.

We look forward to seeing you and hope you’ll join us for future talks as well. April-NEM-Workshop – Sneak Peak:

• NEM Developer Resources (SDK/ Libraries)
• Set-up your wallet & development environment
• We will provide you with Test-XEM
• Going through an onboarding tutorial step-by-step

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