First appeared on NEM

Internationally-renowned blockchain platform NEM recently collaborated with China’s largest online artwork trading market and artwork database, GUBI. The identity system, user and expert credit system, and online reviews of GUBI will now be developed on the NEM blockchain technology.

GUBI is China’s largest online artwork market and artwork database. It is mainly positioned as a professional search engine for the Chinese art industry. It is developed based on data mining and image search technology. Users only need to take a photo with a mobile device and the system will accurately match the relevant collection materials in the database of artworks. In five years, GUBI has collected more than 33 million pieces of antique data, and more than 6,600 professional antique e-books. More than 800 experts and 2,000 academics have joined the platform., GUBI’s partner, is one of the largest artwork e-commerce platforms in China, with 800,000 trading users and a total of 1.67 million sales of 60,000 stores.

NEM has long been committed to the development of blockchain technology. Compared with traditional databases, the distributed, irreversible, and trustless features of blockchain have greatly helped the credibility of key data. In cooperation with NEM, GUBI hopes to create a more credible database and artwork market. The partnership also aims to promote the development and popularization of blockchain technology in the art industry, and build a more secure environment for the adoption of blockchain.



NEM is an “out-of-the-box”, enterprise-grade blockchain platform which launched in March 2015. NEM has industry leading blockchain features which include: multi-signature account contracts, customizable assets, a naming system, encrypted messaging, and an Eigentrust++ reputation system. Companies with legacy systems can “plug ‘n play” with NEM.

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