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The Ministry of Community Development of the United Arab Emirates have started testing and released their version of a notarized document using Apostille on the NEM testnet environment. The implementation is a part of their on going plan to develop solutions and be a blockchain powered government ministry. After having the experience to create a test project, the NEM team got in touch with one of MOCD’s developers in an online interview and here’s the transcript below:

NEM Team: Hi Shadi, can you introduce yourself and tell us what you do?

Shadi: My name is Shadi Naser Salah, I am a Sr. Analyst and Programmer for the Ministry of Community Development.

NEM Team: What role did you play in creating your own version of your Apostilled Document?

Shadi: I did most of the R&D and design. It was our way of trying out NEM for the first time and see how we can play around with it. My role was to implement it.

NEM Team: How do you find working on the NEM blockchain tech?

Shadi: At the beginning was difficult to understand the concept of blockchain in general, but later when I started to understand, I found NEM provided easy and helpful SDK to implement any suitable use case.

NEM Team: Would you recommend NEM to people who is looking to do something on the blockchain?

Shadi: Of course I will recommend NEM because whatever your programming language, you will find SDK or API to complete your work within your comfortable programming skills.

NEM Team: Last question, what are your comments on working with the NEM team?

Shadi: Best active work team, ready to help and support whatever you request.

NEM Team: Alright. Thanks Shadi! This is great. Hope to see you soon again! Best of luck!

Shadi: Thank you too.

MOCD is just at the beginning stage of their blockchain use case development and is looking to further expand their use of the blockchain technology. The ease of development using NEM’s technology made them achieve a milestone in a short period of time. We will continuously update the community as they improve from their current version and even release new solutions.

Got curious? Take a look at the Apostille Whitepaper!

MOCD on NEM Apostille

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