A message from Foundations new president Alexandra Tinsman

Thank You NEM Community

Please welcome the new 2019 NEM.io Foundation ExCo and Council.

At around 4am last night as many of you were sleeping, there was a powerful movement happening across the globe where diverse voices became action and began voting on the NEM blockchain (all real time and transparent) for who would lead the NEM Foundation in 2019. I am humbled and honored to announce my Presidency.

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Alexandra Tinsman

I want to say congratulations to our newly elected ExCo and Council: Nelson Valero, Jason Lee, Dona Rinon, Jeff McDonald, Mark Price, Pedro Gutierrez, Steve Li, Anton Bosenko, and Hiroki Koga.

I am honored to work alongside this new team as well as our global teams and our passionate community as your new President. There were many other NEM leaders who stepped forward and took a risk during this election. To those who put in so much effort but didn’t get the votes, you have my respect and admiration. The Foundation needs people like you to pave the way for the future.

The NEM election is historic because it was an on-chain election with foundation membership as a requirement for each voter to register, but it also means I am most likely the first female head of a Blockchain in the top 20 and often in the top 10.

I have a village to thank including the many men and women who mentored me, the community who taught me the power of a collective voice, our hard working team who showed me the impossible is possible, the Supernode owners who are the unseen backbone that keeps our technology ecosystem thriving, my family for loving and supporting me, our partners for believing and showing the importance how blockchain technology is being used, and finally a huge thanks to our developers who turn ideas into code and code into a movement.

I stand tall today because others contributed and sacrificed to work toward a shared goal to create something bigger than themselves: Financial Freedom, Decentralization, and Equality of Opportunity.

Thank you, NEM community.

Alexandra Tinsman

NEM. io Foundation President 2019

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