LuxTag enters Cyber Living Lab Accelerator (CLLA) powered by Finnext Capital!

From LuxTag, first appeared on medium.

Around a month ago, a LuxTag associate suggested applying for the Cyberview Living Lab Accelerator (CLLA) which is an innovative initiative of Cyberview and organized by Finnext Capital. We thought that it was a good idea because the accelerator is specialized in the Fintech and IoT areas which are very suitable for LuxTag, and we thought it is very credible since it is owned by the MOF (Ministry of Finance) of Malaysia. After applying, our application was accepted.

On April 27th, 2017, the CEO of LuxTag Rene Bernard attended the pitching interview. And…. guess what! LuxTag has been selected!

We are very pleased that they understand the possibilities and potential of blockchain technology, and we are expecting a lot; we believe that the accelerator and LuxTag can bring many benefits to each other.




CLLA and LuxTag are now legally and officially partners as we signed a contract, and we will attend their educational sessions once a week.

Now with CLLA’s support, LuxTag will fly at an ultrahigh altitude!


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