How To Launch Your ICO On NEM


NEM is the world’s most developer-friendly blockchain platform — if you follow me you’ll hear that phrase a lot.

We’ve just made it even easier with our open source token sale starter project.



How to launch an ICO on NEM

  1. Create a cryptocurrency on NEM (Read this EASY tutorial)
  2. Download the token source project
  3. Swap out the ID’s and token names with your own token
  4. Relaunch the project for your own token!

What does the project come with?

We wanted to make the token purchase process as smooth as possible. Here are some of the things you get out-of-the-box:

  • Angular Front-end and Node API Backend
  • Accept XEM
  • Accept ETH, BTC, LTC with Coinbase Commerce
  • Tokens send automatically after successful payment
  • Handles success and errors for XEM and Coinbase Commerce
  • KYC — Accept info and photos and have it sent to your KYC email
  • 7 simple API Endpoints
  • Detailed README

This project is the API — you can use whatever you like for your front-end client — a mobile app, Angular, React, etc — just call the endpoints — or use our Angular Front-end.

For instance, from your website you might call this endpoint to start a XEM transaction for a customer:

POST: /initiate-xem-purchase
    productId: "5b1ec82fc28a1112ee2af2fe"
    tokenRecipientAddress: "TBIUQMOGHUH7GN5LM62WU455IPHIYZ"
    tokenType: "XEM"

How to get started?

Download the API project and get that up and running first on your localhost.

With your local API running, start the Angular project.

You can now modify images, artwork, token IDs, etc, and start your token sale.

Who is using this code?

We just launched our own Token Sale on the NEM blockchain using this code.

You can purchase our Cache token here:

We are hoping to open source our front-end client side as well too.

Please review this code thoroughly before deploying your own token sale — we are not responsible for any of your losses or bugs you might find.

MIT License — use as you see fit!

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