CerebralFix partners with Xarcade to launch first Match 3 Game on NEM blockchain

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The CerebralFix Group, a gaming studio that works with Disney, DreamWorks and the BBC, are partnering with Xarcade, a gaming platform that leverages the power of the NEM blockchain, to create web and mobile games for the NEM community. CerebralFix are working on the platforms first Match 3 game with an initial web launch at www.gamefix.io.

Benjamin Dellaca, Group Director for CerebralFix

“We feel that the blockchain can materially change the face of gaming in a great way for both the players and the creators and we are excited to begin working with Xarcade because we believe in their vision for our space.”

cerebral fixgroup

The title Match’NEM will have a continual release program launching 10 new levels each week over an 8 week period. Levels are expected to be themed around the NEM blockchain and any community suggestions and ideas will also be worked into the theming of the various releases. Additionally, mobile versions will be released over time.

Otto von Nostitz, Co-Founder and CEO of Xarcade

“It’s really exciting to have CerebralFix on board and we are very pleased that we will have another game for our community to engage with so early in our program.”

The Xarcade platform will be integrated during the 8 week of updates, giving players a fun way to earn XAR- a cryptocurrency that keeps a constant value equal to Euro. XAR is tradeable for Euros, USD and various other currencies. By playing Xarcade-powered games like Match’NEM, players have the ability to earn income as they play and can also spend XAR’s on in game items.

Jason Lee- NEM’s Expansion Director for Australia & New Zealand

“We are proud to support cross-border strategic partnerships with the CerebralFix Group based in New Zealand and Xarcade based in South East Asia in building the blockchain ecosystem in the area of the gaming sector. NEM will continue to bridge complementary strengths between innovative companies like these.”

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