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More than an exchange, BCoin’s vision is to be the world’s first fiat-crypto exchange with an integrated digital payment solution — empowering investors to trade, store and spend all of their favourite cryptocurrencies easily and securely.

BCoin.sg is a global exchange platform that empowers the masses to trade in cryptocurrency — trusted for our stability and security, based in Singapore.

Led by Singapore-based CEO Davy Goh, the team behind BCoin.sg combines more than 30 years of experience in investment banking, fin-tech and exchange infrastructure development. Having spent 25 years assuming various executive leadership roles in globally reputable banks such as Credit Suisse First Boston Bank, Citibank N.A., ABN AMRO Bank and DBS Bank, Davy brings a wealth of financial knowledge and expertise into the cryptocurrency exchange ecosystem.

The NEM blockchain’s scalability, security and ease of integration has proven to be one of the most successful blockchain technologies. We are excited to be part of the NEM Ecosystem, collaborating in closer partnership to drive growth and use of NEM in the tokenised economy. — Davy Goh Bcoin.sg CEO

BCoin.sg shall support NEM to create awareness on the NEM blockchain technology among BCoin.sg affiliates, to generate business leads, brand exposure, knowledge sharing & expertise to collaborate in areas of mutual benefit.

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Sophia Chen (Bcoin.sg COO) and William Tan (NEM Singapore Country Leader)

BCoin.sg Exchange is a one-stop exchange platform for companies to reach out investors globally. The platform empowers retail and global institutional investors to trade in cryptocurrency securely and efficiently on web and mobile.

BCoin.sg Key Propositions

* Fiat-Crypto Gateway — Access to 24/7 fiat-to-crypto gateway and a multi-currency wallet supporting a growing number of currencies

* Highly Robust Security — Trade safely with stringent security protection systems with bank-level encryption and professional risk control

* Outstanding Liquidity — Enjoy low trading fees of 0.2% with excellent liquidity backed by cold storage protection and a reserve pool

* Advanced Technology — Take advantage of a high-geared blockchain engine with a millisecond latency and an intelligent algorithm for secure settlements on both desktop and mobile

* Customer First — Customer-first is a key priority. Experience friendly, professional and secure trading services with BCoin.sg

* Elite Team — Led by a dedicated team of finance and technology experts, passionate about blockchain as the new economy for the future

* International Community — Join a growing community that brings together global partners, including blockchain experts and industry leaders

BCoin.sg Team and NEM Singapore Team


NEM is an out-of-the-box enterprise-grade blockchain platform launched in March 2015. NEM has industry leading blockchain features which include multisignature account contracts, customizable assets, a naming system, encrypted messaging, and an Eigentrust++ reputation system. Companies with legacy systems can “plug ‘n play” with NEM.


NEM.io Foundation is registered in Singapore and is operating globally. It was launched to promote NEM’s blockchain technology worldwide. It is one of the most well-funded and successful blockchain technology projects in the cryptocurrency industry.

For more information about the NEM Foundation and its mission, you can follow us on Inside NEM, our Facebook page, NEM Singapore Telegram or visit our website.

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