Agrello Weekly Update

April 20th, 2018

Dear Agrello community,

As stated in our last Q&A post, we have been looking into different blockchain solutions lately. We searched for blockchain eco-system, which has same possibilities as Ethereum that we are currently using. We came to an understanding that NEM brings us the required functionality and therefor Agrello will implement their blockchain for selected future projects.

NEM fills our current requirements and gives us additional extended possibilities in comparison to Ethereum. Our main reasons for implementing NEM was the value of money and transaction speed. Ethereum transactions are not always the best choice, because of pricing and time of execution. At the end of the year, CryptoKitties (a game based on Ethereum) was a reason for sixfold increase in pending transactions on Ethereum. We increased transaction price, but it still took some time to be published. Transaction in NEM has fixed price and generally publishing them takes less time. NEM also supports not only hex-messages but also string message and encoded message.

Furthermore, now we are able to use different blockchain solutions and we can easily switch back for Ethereum or start to use another blockchain, this makes our system less dependent on a single blockchain solution. Our first project supported by NEM will be NordCoin. We have been working with their team for a while now and soon we will share their story with all of you.

We are going to participate in Chainges conference as a partner of NEM in Amsterdam. Hando Rand, CEO will present Agrello ID and signature solution after Kristof Van de Reck Interim President, Foundation. With our presentation, we aim to tell a story about Agrello ID and show how our solution can improve the way we manage legal matters in a new and more efficient way using blockchain.


So read, explore and find out more about NEM:

Next exciting thing on the list for us is already in few weeks, Consensus in New York, 14–16th of May. Now, who is planning to attend the conference?

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Agrello Team



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